A suggestion tool for bloggers

Zemanta is a European startup which was reviewed by TechCrunch here. They have a Firefox plugin which looks at the content you are writing and provides you with related images and links for that post. Incidentally I was reading this article on Semantic Web, and Zemanta is a practical use case of semantic algorithm.

Other than being a tool for bloggers, Zemanta could in the future help improve search algorithms. I assume they collect or can collect data on what links, tags and images a user adds to a certain post. Add to this the fact that a lot of content on the Web today is user-generated. So either Zemanta can work on a web search engine of its own or wait for Google to buy them out.


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One Response to “A suggestion tool for bloggers”

  1. andraz Says:

    hi from Zemanta!

    Glad that you find us useful!

    If you have any additional ideas or comments about how Zemanta could be more useful please mail us or use http://getsatisfaction.com/zemanta to leave us feedback so we can discuss it!


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