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the road that has no name

May 29, 2008

On the road of a million feet
I came across a journeyman
He was walking down a one way street
A road which lead to nowhere

“This road it leads to a blank wall”
I hollered out to him,
He smiled a knowing smile and said:
“Then that is where I go.”

His lips broke into a merry laugh
To ease my sour smile
He took a horn of mead
And passed it to my hand

He spoke to me of places strange
of roads in foreign lands
alleys and streets and lanes
were painted in my mind.

The most beautiful roads he said
Are the ones which  go nowhere
For no one ever looks at them
And no one ever goes there


… can music save your rotten soul

May 16, 2008

Delirium was once Delight. And although that was long ago now, even today her eyes are badly matched; one eye is a vivid emerald green, spattered with silver flecks that move; her other eye is vein blue. Who knows what Delirium sees, through her mismatched eyes?

Seasons Of Mist, Sandman