I cut her down from where she hung
And chopped her into pieces
I took some home to bury her
The rest to make a feast

In the lime fields I dug a pit
Kissed her head and tossed it in
Her eyes they watched me lovingly
As I piled on the dirt

I left no marker on her grave
Nothing to show where her beauty lay
The day was done, so was I
Weary I walked away

At home I put a pot to boil
Tossed in what was once her
Beautiful hands with perfect fingernails
Painted a crimson red

In the light of the lamp
I ate her flesh
Flavoured by my tears
As I wept


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2 Responses to “Motherland”

  1. Kits Says:

    Fuck dude…deepness this is..where did this come from?

  2. Pratyush Says:

    Deep – profound and scary.

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