The Keys

You have forgotten
the keys you gave me
on a bright summer day.
I was never invited
But told to visit when I felt like

That was in March
and now its December
Hunched against the wind
I have come like a thief
I know you are out

I take my shoes off
and walk on your carpet
It rubs between my toes
as I walk around the room
Look at your pictures on the shelf

I sit at the dining table
wondering how you look
when sunlight streams on to you
through the windows
on early winter mornings

In the kitchen, near the oven
I imagine you leaning
against the counter
as you tell me over the phone
of the dinner you burnt

I climb the stairs
peep into your study
at your desk I see you write
One door I leave untouched
some doors even love can’t open

I wonder if you will notice
one missing picture from so many
I take the skeletons out of your cupboard
lock the door behind me
and throw the keys as I walk away


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5 Responses to “The Keys”

  1. Kits Says:

    Omg..tht was beyond brilliant..some of the lines – ‘One door I leave untouched,some doors even love can’t open’ and that last para…wah wah..keep writing Boy..

  2. Dee Says:


  3. Mags Says:

    neat stuff buddy, but was the person out or was the person in the study at the table writing?

  4. Just Mohit Says:

    “One door I leave untouched, some doors even love can’t open” was truly awesome!

    “I take the skeletons out of your cupboard/lock the door behind me/and throw the keys as I walk away” brought back memories, long locked up…deep inside. You can say it opened some of those doors 🙂

  5. SC Says:

    just happened to visit your blog through Amit’s and now am totally hooked…….

    keep writting buddy………!!

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