When I packed and left
my life split in to two
half rode into the future
half stayed home with you

Today I look back and wonder
Which of my lives is true,
The one that I have lived
Or the one which stayed with you


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3 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. Faizaan Says:

    i really liked it. and it seems so effortless!!

  2. Kits Says:

    Very well written as always…write some more man!

  3. Eeva Karhunen Says:

    A shortened (auto)biographic blog of mine is a work of poetry, on-the-make of my debut in literature. The poetry hidden and found in the escapes and paths in urls and code are the same connections any train or flight might lead to. The much debated blog contains audiovisual material/film (Youtube), some photography and poems written after a short chat on telephone on the topic of national literature approved to from the highest grading of the system to the lowest linguistic temper of the header of the blog. After losing the password with my e-mail address, I have contacted Sanoma News (server) and my publisher who only has the possibility to promote something I never run out from: the respected distance and the daily awerance of a domain I don’t own. For your luck too, I happened to notice the space on Blogspot keeps something of the time when truth and dare was a pretty game from big names. Thanks for posting!

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