Making tea

Making tea, they say
Is easy
Like planting a garden
Or making a child

But before you know
The tea’s gone bitter
The garden overrun by weeds
And the child is a man


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4 Responses to “Making tea”

  1. sandeip Says:

    quite so.

  2. Neeta Says:

    I would rephrase it, no offence meant! 🙂
    .. And before you know,
    the tea is brewed & sipped,
    the garden is in bloom
    and the child is a woman!

  3. Fuzzy Says:

    truth, and everything turns pointless. the point is in not looking for the point; in enjoying the process and all. it comes easily to most, pretty much naturally, i think.. the rest need to consciously keep reminding themselves.

  4. Kits Says:

    Medems, spot on you are on with that. Nice stuff Boy 🙂

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