January 24, 2009

A grain of sand
in the universe of my eye
around which my world revolves
constellations and stars
rise and fall.

A grain of sand
holds hope within
of a life unseen
where the sea rushes in
to feed the dark rivers of my soul

A grain of sand
between us, to
share and to slaughter
to fight over and forgive
for the before and the after

A grain of sand
in the universe of my eye
makes waters swirl
a pearl forms
a tear drop carries it away



October 13, 2008

Forgive me,
the feast I promised
is dead
the rivers of my lands are dry
no poetry will flow from these lips
parched are the eyes
as they stand at my doorstep
beseeching hope
while all I can offer is
some of the things which I no longer have use for

I care for you not my traveler friends
I shut down my tavern
That night the village pulled it down
built a temple
or a mosque
I cannot be bothered which
No one drinks of wine anymore
I will not bother you
and you will not follow me
or ask me why

A mans life must be measured
only on his passing
Consider me dead
don’t hold me a wake
judge my deeds
find me guilty and exile me
let the memory be a grain of sand
in the eyes of the travelers
who came so far
to curse me at my grave

Happiness 2.0

September 29, 2008

My 7 day trial version of happiness
expired on Friday
They had promised me 21 days
I guess I clicked a wrong button
now it won’t make me happy anymore

I spoke to their representative
A nice lady with a nice accent
She asked me to pay $19.95
for one year of happiness
version 2.3

She said she liked my name
my voice was hot too
so she threw in some love
version 1.6
for only $10 extra

She asked me for my credit card number
I don’t have credit card I said
I have a debit card
Suddenly she did not sound so nice
my voice was not so hot either

I searched the forums for a hack
which would allow me
a few more days of free happiness
But most tried to sell me Viagra and crack
None of them offered Prozac

I have my own shop now
Sell happiness from Juneau to Japan
If you don’t have credit cards, even debit cards will do
I also take post dated checks
Even a friendly hug will do

The Keys

September 15, 2008

You have forgotten
the keys you gave me
on a bright summer day.
I was never invited
But told to visit when I felt like

That was in March
and now its December
Hunched against the wind
I have come like a thief
I know you are out

I take my shoes off
and walk on your carpet
It rubs between my toes
as I walk around the room
Look at your pictures on the shelf

I sit at the dining table
wondering how you look
when sunlight streams on to you
through the windows
on early winter mornings

In the kitchen, near the oven
I imagine you leaning
against the counter
as you tell me over the phone
of the dinner you burnt

I climb the stairs
peep into your study
at your desk I see you write
One door I leave untouched
some doors even love can’t open

I wonder if you will notice
one missing picture from so many
I take the skeletons out of your cupboard
lock the door behind me
and throw the keys as I walk away

The Search Engine’s Lament

September 12, 2008

Someday all your questions will be answered
Everything you search for will be found
All that is written will be indexed
And every photograph will be tagged

Every music file you covet will be uploaded
That movie DVD ripped and seeded for eternity
No more software will you look for
Nothing left to execute

Malware and viruses will be history
A cult of hackers commit hara-kiri
For no passwords will be used
It will all be out in the open

Then I will rest my crawlers
My indexers I shall idle
The rotten caching of pages can stop
For no one will ever care

No more queries will you ask of me
No more reason to know me
Not that I shall miss you
As I lay me down to sleep


August 21, 2008

I cut her down from where she hung
And chopped her into pieces
I took some home to bury her
The rest to make a feast

In the lime fields I dug a pit
Kissed her head and tossed it in
Her eyes they watched me lovingly
As I piled on the dirt

I left no marker on her grave
Nothing to show where her beauty lay
The day was done, so was I
Weary I walked away

At home I put a pot to boil
Tossed in what was once her
Beautiful hands with perfect fingernails
Painted a crimson red

In the light of the lamp
I ate her flesh
Flavoured by my tears
As I wept

Watchmen – The Movie

August 8, 2008

The trailer for Watchmen, the movie is out and it looks exciting. Very exciting.

They even used Rorschach’s …and I will look down and whisper  ‘no’ line.

Just need to keep on reminding myself not to complain about how almost every scene in the trailer looks like an enlarged panel from the comic and that “visionary” director Zack Snyder is going to get credit for Alan Moore and  Dave Gibbons writing and art work.

More about the book here.


July 9, 2008

He wondered why no one saw the emptiness in his eyes. How his soul was empty and he was just a shell. He could feel the pain spilling out of his eyes, but no one else saw it. Weren’t eyes supposed to be the window to the soul? Or whatever beast had consumed his soul and now lived within him.

One morning, while looking in the mirror, he happened to glance into the reflection of his eye and saw the pitch dark hole within. He examined it wondering if it was so invisible that no one else saw it and continued to peer into it. Before he knew it was clawing at emptiness and falling into the darkness.

There are no mirrors in his house any more.

No Country for Old Men

July 2, 2008

No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy is one of those books which drags you by the scruff of your neck and forces you to look into the proverbial abyss long enough for the abyss to stare back into you.

Most characters in this story are human, fallible, prone to temptation but with a set of values and beliefs in place. Values and beliefs which mean nothing when they cross paths with Anton Chigurh. Chigurh who has a dispassionate and sometimes whimsical manner of going about his business of killing people. Like he asks one of his victims before shooting him in the face: If the rule you followed led you to this of what use was the rule ?

It’s a  dark and violent story with no sense of closure or justice, leaving you wondering what it was all about.

Just like life.

Sex v/s Love

June 12, 2008

They could only make love when they were sarcastic with each other. Then she fell in love with him and started to be nice to him. Things were not the same anymore.

Soon after, they broke up.