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Happiness is a mango

June 17, 2009

Happiness is a mango
wrapped in a newspaper
given to you
on a train station in the ‘burbs
with a sarcastic remark
about the effort it cost
to carry it to you
when what I really mean
is something else


The Keys

September 15, 2008

You have forgotten
the keys you gave me
on a bright summer day.
I was never invited
But told to visit when I felt like

That was in March
and now its December
Hunched against the wind
I have come like a thief
I know you are out

I take my shoes off
and walk on your carpet
It rubs between my toes
as I walk around the room
Look at your pictures on the shelf

I sit at the dining table
wondering how you look
when sunlight streams on to you
through the windows
on early winter mornings

In the kitchen, near the oven
I imagine you leaning
against the counter
as you tell me over the phone
of the dinner you burnt

I climb the stairs
peep into your study
at your desk I see you write
One door I leave untouched
some doors even love can’t open

I wonder if you will notice
one missing picture from so many
I take the skeletons out of your cupboard
lock the door behind me
and throw the keys as I walk away

Sex v/s Love

June 12, 2008

They could only make love when they were sarcastic with each other. Then she fell in love with him and started to be nice to him. Things were not the same anymore.

Soon after, they broke up.